Feed a child in Yemen

Yemen is on the brink of famine. Two in three people do not know where their next meal is coming from.

To avert the looming catastrophe, the World Food Programme is providing food assistance to those in most urgent need in the country. But we can’t do it alone.

Your shared meals will help us reach our goal of providing 200,000 meals to children affected by this hunger crisis.


Help Rohingya children

More than half a million Rohingya people have fled Myanmar's northern Rakhine State following an outbreak of violence in late August. Taking only what they can carry, they seek shelter and safety in the Bangladeshi border district of Cox’s Bazar. The area is now filled with makeshift tents.

The World Food Programme is on the ground, distributing nutrient-rich, high-energy biscuits to new arrivals as an emergency measure and then registering people to receive rice, vegetable oil and lentils over the next six months. More than 580,000 people have received food to date. Mothers and children under five -- who are particularly vulnerable to malnutrition -- are given SuperCereal Plus, a fortified wheat-soya blend used to make a nutritious porridge.

Your shared meals will help the World Food Programme to continue providing urgently needed assistance to Rohingya refugees.


Help Syrian Refugee Children

Jordan is home to nearly 700,000 UN-registered Syrian refugees. In response to the ongoing Syrian conflict, the World Food Programme (WFP) aims at transitioning from humanitarian assistance towards crisis situations to scalable and sustainable solutions, helping those in need. Refugees receive their payments through cash-based transfers allowing them to buy in local shops. This has contributed to the local economy through job creation and additional tax revenues.

Together, with WFP, you can help ensure Syrian refugee children have a meal.


Fighting Famine

Coupled with the existing challenges of extreme poverty, underdevelopment and climate change in the Lake Chad region, the Boko Haram insurgency has led to one of the most acute humanitarian crises in the world. 5.2 million people in Northeast Nigeria are facing extreme hunger; 50,000 people are on the brink of famine.

Together, we are providing life-saving food assistance for 100 days to those children most at risk.


Give school meals to children in Haiti

Haiti is the only low-income country in the Americas and its economy has been repeatedly affected by political crises and a series of devastating natural disasters over the last two decades. The World Food Programme launched Haiti's first Home-Grown School Feeding program in Nippes department in 2015. The program uses locally produced food bought directly from smallholder farmers, helping children and simultaneously stimulating the local economy. School meals help to improve children’s nutrition, ability to learn and life chances while giving poor families an incentive to send their children to school.

Your shared meals will help us ensure that 8,000 children receive proper nutrition and educational support in the upcoming school year.


Your shared meals have helped to ensure hungry boys and girls around the world have a chance to achieve their dreams.

Together we completed two goals in Yemen to feed malnourished children. With your help, we reached 1 million meals with our first target and then met our second goal of feeding 10,000 children.

Your shared meals have helped us to reach our goal of feeding 1,100 children in Lebanon for one full year.

Together we reached of our goal of feeding 25,000 school children in Cameroon. In the face of Boko Haram violence, you gave these children hope for a better future!

In February 2017, famine was declared across parts of South Sudan. We completed an emergency campaign sharing 1 million meals for those affected by the famine in just a little over a month!

Together we raised funds to provide school meals to 58,000 children in Malawi. The country was hit hard by the recent El Niño weather event.

The meals you shared between June and July 2016 are helping Syrian refugee children in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley. 1,500 children, many of whom live in dire conditions, will receive food support for one full year.

In spring 2016, we raised funds to support 1,400 Syrian refugee children between the ages of 3 and 4 in Beirut. Thanks to your overwhelming support, we completed this goal in less than 7 weeks!

Between January and April 2016, we raised funds to support 2,000 mothers and their babies in Homs, Syria, for a full year.

In November and December 2015, we raised sufficient funds to provide school meals to 20,000 Syrian refugee children living in camps in Jordan for a full year.

In the summer and fall of 2015, we helped schoolchildren in Lesotho. Together, we shared 1.8 million meals with the children in Lesotho.