Millennials and Gen-Zers: “Lazy. Ungrateful. Selfish. Phone-addicted.”

You know you’re not this stereotype, and it’s time to prove that. But wait, don't throw out your smartphone: fight hunger with it! Together, we can be the generation that ends hunger. Get the app and become a ShareTheMeal Campus Ambassador and prove that you’re not this stereotype, you’re changing the world. Join ShareTheMeal as we change the definitions of Millennials and Gen-Zers from lazy to global activists.



ShareTheMeal Campus Ambassadors encourages young leaders to fight global hunger, challenging the negative image surrounding their generations.
We are looking for ambitious students to represent ShareTheMeal within their communities and demonstrate how simple it is to tackle hunger.




Check out our Campus Community! You can get inspiration from other Campus Ambassadors around the world and have the chance for your own post to be featured by tagging #ShareTheMeal and #ProveThemWrong. Encourage your community to share and help hungry children today!