ShareTheMeal is an app from the United Nations World Food Programme that enables people to "share their meals" with children in need. With US$ 0.80, we can feed one child for a day.

Our team is located in Berlin. If you would like to get in touch, email us at

Your shared meals help children and families around the world. You can choose where you want to help by selecting from our different goals in the app.

ShareTheMeal raises funds to feed people and help build a world with zero hunger. Users can choose where their donation will help, and give US$ 0.80 (or more) with a tap in our app. The United Nations World Food Programme receives the funds and provides the meals. In the app, we show users how their meals are fighting hunger.

There are 690 million people who do not get enough food to lead a healthy and active life. As the world continues to see an increase in conflict, climate change and economic instability, the rate of hunger is accelerating.

The good news? Hunger is entirely solvable. With US$ 0.80, we can feed one child for a day and invest in helping even more children in need.

Assisting almost 100 million people in around 83 countries each year, the World Food Programme (WFP) is the leading humanitarian organisation saving lives and changing lives, delivering food assistance in emergencies and working with communities to improve nutrition and build resilience.

62% directly feeds families in need. 28% will be invested into fundraising and marketing to grow our community so that we can help even more people. 6% will still be used to help run our organisation and 4% will continue to help cover payment fees.

As we grow, we’ll be able to cover our costs while increasing the amount that goes directly to hungry families. In line with WFP’s strategic plan, an average of 22% will be spent on fundraising from 2020-2030.

Food assistance provided by the World Food Programme varies depending on the situation and the specific needs of the community being helped. Where there is plenty of food in the marketplace but people can't afford to buy it, cash transfers, vouchers or cash are given to families to help them purchase food. In emergencies, WFP often provides high-energy biscuits, hot meals and food packages. WFP is also the largest provider of school meals to children around the world. Visit goals in the app to see the specific type of assistance being given.

We want to ensure that every child has regular access to food and to achieve a world with zero hunger. Together, we believe that we can be the generation that ends global hunger.

Our mission is to feed the poorest people on earth and to fight global hunger in the most efficient and effective way possible. The vast majority of the world's hungry people live in developing countries.

The starting point for ShareTheMeal is that it is very inexpensive to feed one child for a day. We believe even more people would be willing to help if there was a simple and straightforward way of doing so. This is where the ShareTheMeal app comes in!

Sebastian Stricker and Bernhard Kowatsch founded ShareTheMeal in April 2014 in Berlin during a sabbatical. A large number of voluntary supporters were essential to the further development of ShareTheMeal.

ShareTheMeal is now an innovation project within WFP. The team is located in Berlin, Germany. We’d love to hear from you – drop us an email at You can also find out more about ShareTheMeal at

Challenges are a way for you to fight hunger together with friends, family or colleagues! You can give to someone else's Challenge or create one of your own to celebrate a special occasion, an event or just because! Share your Challenge with others to encourage them to join you and have an even greater impact.

Visit the Community section of the app to check out featured Challenges, your Challenges or Challenges you've supported. At this time, you're not able to search for a specific Challenge but can access it via a link shared by the Challenge creator.

To create a Challenge, visit the Community section of the app > Just for you > Create. After you create your Challenge, you can share a link to it with friends and family by clicking the sharing icon on the Challenge description page.

Users unlock achievements with specific actions on the ShareTheMeal app. For example, users who give monthly receive the “Karma” achievement and users who connect with Facebook receive the “Social Butterfly” achievement.

Yes, you can give monthly to help feed a child in need. Tap "Monthly" at the top of the donation screen, then select how many children you want to help monthly. You will be notified via email each month when your payment is collected.

The Table is a monthly giving community that connects members with their impact through updates and stories from a paired family in the field. Members will receive premium content about where and how they are investing in a zero hunger future.

You can become a member of The Table by giving monthly (selecting ‘Monthly’ in the donation screen). From here, you will be directed to provide your contact and payment information.

To update your payment method in the app, simply tap on Profile > Settings > Subscription management > Payment details > Change. To cancel your subscription to The Table, tap on Profile > Settings > Subscription management > Cancel subscription.

Yes, each month, when part of The Table, you will be connected to a unique family. To protect the identity and privacy of the families, the names and locations may be changed.

At this time, ShareTheMeal virtually matches each monthly donor with a unique family receiving WFP food assistance. Each beneficiary family will be connected with only one donor. At this time, funds are transferred to the respective project. In future, donations may be allocated to a unique family.

You can follow the progress of funding in the app to see how many meals have been shared by the community. For one-off donations, we show donors stories and photos of children we are helping together. When giving monthly, members will receive updates about a unique family.

Your security is of utmost importance to us. Our app is based on modern security standards and we take your security and privacy very seriously, going above and beyond to ensure that your payment information is safe.

All payment data is processed by our partner Braintree/Paypal. Our infrastructure is served via HTTPS, so that your smartphone only communicates with our server over a secure channel. Your financial information is managed securely on our behalf by Braintree, a PayPal company and globally trusted (Level 1 DSS PCI compliant) payments company.

The app does not retrieve any additional data. All communication is end-to-end encoded (SHA-256 with RSA-encryption). Unintentional donations will be returned immediately. Should you have a question about your online payment, please contact us at

Credit card companies and banks decline cards for many reasons. To ensure your financial information remains secure, ShareTheMeal does not receive details about why your card was declined. Unfortunately, this means we cannot resolve the problem for you. If your card is declined, please contact your credit card company or bank for help completing your payment.

To enable/disable push notifications on your Android phone, open the settings and tap application manager. Scroll down to ShareTheMeal and select/deselect the “show notifications” option.

To enable/disable push notifications on your iPhone, open your device’s settings and tap notifications. Select ShareTheMeal to enable/disable push notifications.

Donations are tax-deductible in several countries including the United States, Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, France and South Korea, as well as some regions of Australia.

Where tax-deductibility of donations is not currently possible, the donation is considered a personal gift.

Some card issuers may request additional steps to verify your identity. These steps depend on your bank and may include fingerprint, text message or an additional password. The ShareTheMeal app will help you navigate through these steps.

If you have a question that was not answered here, please email your question to and we will respond to you as soon as possible. If we receive multiple questions about a similar topic, we will add that topic to this FAQ so that it is easily accessed by other people.