The team in Berlin

ShareTheMeal is an initiative of the United Nations World Food Programme and is developed by this team out of Berlin.

Johanna Ballesteros Johanna Ballesteros Operations
Alex Corbi Alex Corbi Development
Massimiliano Costa Massimiliano Costa Head of ShareTheMeal
Ellie Davis Ellie Davis Marketing
Sam Doward Sam Doward Development
David Figueroa David Figueroa Development
Petra Fölk Petra Fölk Design
Maria Garrone Maria Garrone Marketing & Partnerships
Patryk Grabowski Patryk Grabowski Development
Matthias Hellmund Matthias Hellmund Head of Product & Technology
Camaley Jennings Camaley Jennings Marketing & Content
Bernhard Kowatsch Bernhard Kowatsch Co-Founder
Victoria Leonhardt Victoria Leonhardt Head of Operations
Mufadal Jiwaji Mufadal Jiwaji Head of Marketing
Lara Orrico Lara Orrico Design
Marco Penna Marco Penna Business Intelligence
Janina Peter Janina Peter Operations
Adrian Schäfer Adrian Schäfer Development
Adriana Sahagun Adriana Sahagun Marketing
Frances Simpson-Allen Frances Simpson-Allen Communications
Sebastian Stricker Sebastian Stricker Founder
Benjamin Tourou Benjamin Tourou Development
Katharina Weltecke Katharina Weltecke Communications
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